Five Things I Have Learned In The Kitchen

1.) Always wear pants when frying bacon.

2.) Baking is not cooking. So stick to the recipe when baking & experiment only when cooking.

3.) Be sure your cream is still good before pouring it into the soon to be pot of shrimp bisque.

4.) A CD player does not replace a dishwasher but it sure as hell makes washing dishes by hand a lot easier.

5.) A glass of wine while cooking helps the effort. A bottle of wine while cooking hurts the effort.


What's Been Going On

Sometimes life's whirlwind pace picks up a little bit...nah, make that a lot & the whirlwind spins you out of control & you don't know whether you are coming or going. Well, that has been us as of late. La is back in school finishing up her last year of graduate school & of course that comes with a lot of non-school time work, social functions (boy, do those anthropologists know how to party) & her/our schedules being flipped upside down. Myself, well, I have been super busy too. I am currently job hunting & in my line of work (motion graphic artist) that entails building a resumé reel...or DVD if you will. I spent about two weeks on my reel & i finally completed it a few weeks ago. I have already had a little bit of action on it from a TV station in Denver (*fingers crossed*), so I have been busy with phone interviews & the like. Plus we have been out of town quite a bit lately. Last week we went down to Jacksonville, FL to visit my parents for a few days & the week before we went down to Atlanta for WineSouth.

In the next few days expect to see posts on WineSouth, our trip to Jacksonville (an awesome wining & dining town, by the way), the Dungenese Crab Video Blogcast & much more. We have had lots of GREAT wines & lots of great food in the last few weeks too, so expect to see some new tasting notes & recipes in the weeks to come.

For those interested, here is what I have poured my heart & soul into the last few months.
My resumé reel.
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