First post ever!

And BLOG for that matter!

What made you want to start a blog, you say? I guess I just wanted an avenue to discuss what's on my mind about my favorite things, which are wine, food, photography & art, and music from a non-pretentious POV. It will take me a while to figure this whole BLOG thing out but I have been reading lots of Blogs about food, wine, photography & other stuff that interests me in the moments of my boredom in cyberspace. After reading a few of my favs such as,, I felt Blogging on stuff I enjoy would be fun & at least help my writing skills (or lack thereof). PLUS I am sure La (my wife) gets tired of hearing me ramble on about wine & whatever wine knowledge I have learned that day. But this is not strictly about wine. I will post our cullinary adventures, pictures of food, wine & other good shots I deem web-worthy. Other than cooking, drinking wine, taking photos & listening to music, I drink a lot of coffee & roast my own beans, work as a graphic artist, mountain bike, hike, camp, & travel.

So it is time to get this thing rolling....
For dinner last night I had a Stromboli Sandwich with a couple of glasses of Trapiche Malbec 2003.
What is a Stromboli Sandwich, you may ask? Just what it sounds like, a Stromboli, but a Sandwich. It was great too. Just make the meat sauce, ground sirloin, tomato paste, tomato sauce, shallots, garlic, creminis & then put a few slices of Provolone in a hoagie roll, with some Salami, fill with the meat sauce shred some parmesan on top, wrap in foil & put in a pre-heated 350 degree (how do you make the degree symbol, i wonder?) for 15 minutes.

The wine was great. It's color was a deep purple, The nose fruity with a good balance of spice & oak. It was robust off the bat with lots of deep fruit & toasty oak tones. The tannins were very supple & the finish had hints of licorice. We have been experimenting with Malbecs from Mendoza, in the <$12 category & have yet to be dissapointed. The region in Argentina seems to be offering WAY more bang for the buck than most other regions around the globe.

Much more later!


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