Fruit's Mexican lover: Tajin

What is your favorite fruit to put Tajin on?

Tajín Clásico Seasoning 14 Oz, Pack of 2


Brewski Reviewski- Bell's Two Hearted Ale

Bell's Two Hearted Ale is one of my favorite Midwestern beers.  It is a stellar American IPA from just across the lake in Comstock, Michigan.  You can find Two Hearted at any respectable  beer joint here in Milwaukee and Bell's has limited distribution outside of the Midwest.  It is worth seeking out even if you aren't from the area.

This is very nice IPA that will please most hop-heads.  Two Hearted pours a nice clean, copper shade with a nice white head.  The floral & citrus aromas from late addition hops have an assertive presence.  It is very well balanced IPA with sweet maltiness in the background, right where it belongs.  The bitterness carries through the finish with the same flavors of the aroma but with a little soapiness & pine too.

I love a Two Hearted after a bike ride on a hot summer afternoon, or while sitting in my favorite, very rarely climate controlled corner dive bar, basically I think it is a great  Summer beer but is delicious any time of year, so don't limit yourself.

Who says you cant grow Citrus in Wisconsin?

Our lemon tree that we have grown from seed.  It has been loving the sun & the heat we have been getting this summer.  In the winter it loves taking in the rays under our sky light.  Maybe in a year or so it will grow some tiny lemons.
In the background is our container garden that is blowing up!!! We have had green beans, snow peas and some strawberries so far.  The tomatoes are ripening up nicely and we cant wait to taste all of the different heirloom varieties we planted this year. 

The lemon tree is by far the strangest (for the climate at least) plant in our garden.  Do you have any odd plants in our garden?  We would love to hear about them!



Our stash of Morels we found this spring is sadly long gone.  Except for one, lonely dried grey morel we have leftover.  How it got overlooked, you got me...because these fungi are easily one of my favorite foods.  This spring was awesome for foraging for these tasty little shrooms.  We already can't wait for next spring!


Summer Backyard Project- The fire pit

Cornish game hen working hard over a stoked fire.


What's for breakfast? PIZZA EGGS!


On The Road

I am hitting the road for a month.  I am gonna be hitting the mountains for some skiing, then off to the desert for backpacking & mountain biking.

Follow my travels here Into The Mild blog.

Give me a shout if you know of some good eats along my route (posted at the link above).

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