Epic Road Trip, One Week & Counting

Here is our route. Blue is the route on the way out. Red is on the way back (minus some backtracking).

Our plan is to leave next Friday & drive as far as we can after I get off work at noon & then wake-up Saturday & finish the haul to Zion National Park. We will spend a couple days there camping & exploring ,then shoot on over the Santa Barbara.

Once we get to Cali, we are gonna take it easy & tool up & down the coast between Santa Barbara & Paso Robles. It is going to be totally set itinerary, just chasing the great Central Coast wines, in between the great mountain biking trails we will be riding. We will camp most nights in Cali except for our anniversary. We plan on staying in Avila Beach at the Inn at Avila Beach for a couple nights to live it up & celebrate 2 years of blissful married life.

After our livers start crying from all the wine (about a week, I am guessing) we will head back East...taking our time with maybe a stop in Vegas, baby.

We will stop again in Utah, stocked with cases of primo vino, since the great Mormon state of Utah has a major problem with people enjoying adult beverages within the confines of it's borders. Happy Hour is actually illegal in Utah (?!). Mother nature (Utah is one of the most beautiful places on Earth) & the cases of wine in tow will help us cope. We haven't decided where we will stop in UT. Maybe Bryce Canyon, Moab, or the Brian Head Ski Resort for some downhill mountain biking.

From there, we will head to the Mountains. The San Juan Mountains in southwest Colorado to be exact. We will spend the last few days of our epic journey, soaking in hot springs, breathing in the crisp, clean, cool mountain air, sleeping under the stars. We may get some more mountain biking in near Durango, right before the sad but inevitable day when we have to head home.

It will be a sad trip home to Memphis (it always is) but we will have a head full of new memories & hopefully some wine left. We will see.



  • At 12:54 PM, Blogger Mary Ann said…

    have a great trip and if you need any tips, let me know.

  • At 2:05 PM, Blogger Collin C. said…

    Fish Tacos!
    Sorry, but Fish Tacos excite me. :)
    Do you know of a good place to get fish tacos between Santa Barbara & Paso Robles?

    Are there any wineries you think we should not miss?


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