Gifts From Paradise

Our friends, neighbors, & fellow food bloggers just returned from Hawaii bearing gifts. They stopped by Friday afternoon with a fresh Maui Gold Pineapple & a bottle of pineapple wine, decked out in a lei, grass skirt & coconut bra. The Hawaiian garb still cracks me up. We have yet to try the wine, but the pineapple...oh, the pineapple.

It was so ripe, you could smell the sweet aroma wafting to your nostrils as soon as you picked up the prickly fruit. It was delicious. One thing that struck me was, how low the acidity was. Usually with store bought pineapples, the acidity literally burns my tongue after eating a few pieces, not with this pineapple though. It was so sweet the juice had a pineapple syrup quality. Only a fruit this sweet could come from paradise.

The pineapple wine will be uncorked soon. I have a strong feeling it will help us cope with the heat wave that has a death grip on most of the nation right now. It will most definitely be a wine for an afternoon sprinkler session.


  • At 9:10 PM, Blogger Tater said…

    I'm not going to tell you how quickly I ate the pineapple they brought me. And they showed me the Hawaiian garb for your wine and I loved it. You took great pictures.

    I hit the FM on Saturday morning around 8am. I got a sirloin steak. Since I'm not a very good cook it was kind of touch, but it was obviously a very good piece of meat before I ruined it. ;)
    I also had a little (cough) incident with it, called The bloody cow says: Don't eat me! on my blog ;) lol

    Hope you are having fun travelling!

  • At 3:16 AM, Blogger Collin C. said…


    I only wish we were still traveling. I am just really behind in my posts. We have been back now for a over a month. I have been e-lazy I guess.



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