Tasting Notes: 2000 Domaine Jean Luc-Dubois Savigny-Les-Beaune Les Picotin

Ahhhhh....Burgundy. It is not just the color of my Grandmother's Buick. If I had to choose a favorite wine it may be Burgundy or Bourgogne if you are across the pond. If you ask me no other wine stirs up such romantic thoughts. I have never been to Paris or the Côte d'Or but every time I get my hands on a good bottle it whisks me away to a quaint sidewalk cafe or a country side picnic amongst gnarled old grape vines. Burgundy may not always be a bargain but it is definitely cheaper than a pair of plane tickets.

Our generous friends & neighbors the Squirrel Squad brought us this bottle before our trek to the Jerusalem Market and Restaurant (which you should check out if you are ever looking for some good eats while on beautiful Summer Ave). I believe they picked it up after the Great Wines and Spirits Latour tasting which by the sounds of it, it was a great event where 19 Burgundies were poured (kicking myself now).

We opened this bottle of 2000 Domaine Jean Luc-Dubois Savigny-Les-Beaune Les Picotin on a lazy Spring Sunday spent in the backyard. The weather was perfect & so was the wine. I like to call wines like this "Ugn!" wine. With one sniff & sip it makes you go "Ugn!" which is usually followed by a grin. The nose was alluring full of red cherry & berries with a hint of cedar. As the bottle opened up more layers were revealed, most notably was a touch of earthiness & a bit spice. On the palate it was just as multi-faceted. I really didn't know what to expect from a seven year old Burgundy but it wasn't the gobs of bright red fruit that it packs. Cherry dominates but there was also a little bit of strawberry & raspberry all followed up by a nice spiciness. In the mouth each sip felt like a satin wave was washing over my tongue. The tannins were very subtle & just kind hid out in the background. Everything was wrapped up by a sumptuous lingering spicy finish.

After finishing the bottle Laura said this may be her favorite wine ever. I agreed that it was definitely high on my list as well. If you are not a Burgundy believer this wine will make you one. Thanks Squirrel Family!



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