Restaraunt Review: Anodyne Roasting Company

A couple of days ago we decided to check out one of the seemingly hundreds of local roasters in Milwaukee. Anodyne is conveniently located a block away from our house, so we decided to start there. We picked up a pound of Ethiopian Harar, and while we were waiting in line, couldn't help but notice their enticing menu. The menu is full of coffee house-esque light breakfast and lunch selections, and a large selection for vegetarians and homemade waffles. With a vegetarian mother(in-law) coming in to town at the end of the week and a waffle fanatic in the family, we decided to come back and check out the food then.

What we got-
The Heidi on Rye
Waffles with syrup
The Spinach Mushroom pie, Grits scallion cake and biscuit platter.

How was everything? Fantastic. The Heidi was a cold sandwich with lettuce, tomato, sprouts, swiss cheese, Anodyne's house made almond spread. It was served with tortilla chips from El
Rey, boasting the best tortilla chips in town. The sandwich was great, like a salad between two pieces of really good bread. The cheese comes from Glorioso's Italian grocery, down the street. The almond paste was fantastic and I have to figure out the recipe.

The waffle was fantastic. Collin got his plain, but you can get them with the works: walnuts, bananas, syrup and butter. The waffle was made with a hearty batter, but not dense at all. It was super flavorful with cinnamon and nutmeg. It was perfect, not greasy, or two thick. I generally have issues with calling a waffle a meal but this one was for sure.

The spinach mushroom pie and grit cake platter was a ton of food. The grit cake was made with white (hominy) grits. It has celery and scallions in it making it reminiscent of thanksgiving stuffing, drool. the spinach and mushroom pie was a creamy blend off spinach and cheese and the mushrooms added a nice texture and meaty appeal. The cheese biscuit was heavenly, seeing as how I don't think we've had a decent biscuit since we've been here, or any biscuit at all. And don't get me started on how difficult it is to find grits around here.

We had coffee and tea. Their coffee is really good, my favorite since we've been here. I got a glass of Rishi white tea rose melange that was beautiful, rose blooms and white tea spooned into individual tea bags to order, with a wonderful perfume and hint of mint. It was heavenly.

The whole meal ran us about 20 bucks, including tip which made it perfect for an affordable breakfast or lunch on the go. The atmosphere was very relaxed. It's a no smoking facility which is appreciated. As we were leaving it had begun to fill up but was still very low key, and quiet.

The service was friendly and fast. (I ordered off the lunch menu before they actually served lunch but they made me a sandwich anyway.)

We enjoyed it a ton. It got our mom's seal of approval too which was nice. Nice mix of people, good tea and coffee, quality affordable food and good dub reggae, what more can you ask for.

Anodyne Roasters
1208 E. Brady St
Milwaukee WI 53202
(414) 276-8081

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