NYE Feast, revisited.

New Year's Eve we had friends over & smoked a Leg of Lamb. This is something I have been wanting to tackle since I got my smoker last year. All we needed was a special occasion. I got half of a leg of lamb at the grocery store a few days before & the day before NYE, I pulled it out of the fridge to prepare it for the long marination process. First I de-boned it & butterflied it. This made me very nervous, as I didn't want to ruin a $40 piece of meat. It was a lot easier than I thought & it turned out perfect. We still have the bone & trimmings in the freezer for stock or a demi-glace. The recipe we used was from the Barbecue Bible & is from South Africa. While I poked wholes in the leg & stuffed garlic (some smoked from earlier in the week) & ginger in it, La prepared the marinade/galze.
The glaze:

1/4 cp. Worcestershire sauce
1/4 cp. Soy sauce
1/4 cp. firmly packed Brown Sugar
Dijon mustard
Dry mustard
lemon juice
vegetable oil
fresh ginger
Cook in a sauce pan over med-high heat for 3 mins. or until syrupy.

Marinate over night, saving 2/3's for basting.

We smoked it the next day for 5 hours & it tuned out perfect. We had 7 layer dip, guacamole, salsa & chips as it smoked & with dinner we had tri-colored cous-cous, lentil salad & lots of vino.

The wines for the night were a magnum of La Vieille Ferme Cote du Ventoux & my NYE splurge of Chateau Simard 1995 St. Emillion. The Bubbly was an Asti something-or-other & an Austrailan sparkler, to tell you the truth, by that point it is all fuzzy. I was struggling to stay awake at that point!

It was an excellent way to bring in 2006, with good friends, good drink & exceptional food.


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