Video Blogcast #1: Home Coffee Roasting

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Show Notes:

Roasting coffee at home is fun & really cheap...about half as cheap as store bought beans. One pound or so of beans roasted pretty much pays for the popper. There is also no better way to get The. Freshest. Coffee. Ever. It is fun to experiment with different beans & see how they taste at different roasts. Blending different types of beans is great too. The possibilities are endless.

I failed to mention in the Blogcast that if you smell the coffee beans burning, you roasted them too long...but I guess common sense would dictate that. Usually if you can hear the second crack slowing down (less frequency of beans cracking), the beans are close to burning.

I also should apologize for the poor resolution. Once I get a dedicated server, that will change. YouTube doesn't cut the mustard.

Sweet Maria's
Degree of Roast Pictorial


  • At 8:16 AM, Blogger g58 said…


    That was awesome. I can't wait to try this in my office popcorn popper as I don't have one at home. My co-workers frequently stink up the place with the horrible smell of burnt popcorn and this should make for a nice change.

    If the two cases of wine I keep stowed in my cabinet isn't enough to get me fired...

    Bravo! SSTH blogcast is off to a great start.


  • At 9:49 AM, Blogger Collin C. said…

    We have been roasting coffee like this for about 3 years now & only buy roasted beans in an emergency.

    We have lots of plans for the blogcast. Hopefully I can get some decent interviews from some of the local wine peeps, some chefs, local farmers, etc....
    Stay tuned!

  • At 5:55 AM, Anonymous Matt said…


    Great work. Particularly like the enigmatic voice over... A little light on technicalities like length of time between first and second crack, and weight of beans per load... but good first effort nonetheless. Looking forward to more. Is La going to make an appearance at some point ?

    Rock on.

  • At 7:26 AM, Blogger Collin C. said…


    This was kind of a basic guide & there are so many variables, I wanted to keep it simple, but looking back, there are definelty some things I would do differently.

    There will be more soon. We have a lot of ideas.
    I think it will take some convincing to get La on cam. ;)

  • At 11:14 PM, Anonymous Sean said…

    very cool idea. love the video blogging idea, btw. and all done to miles. nice.

  • At 9:49 PM, Blogger LifeOfNathan said…

    Hey guys, I dig the home roasting info and what you're doing with SSTH. If you get a chance, I have a coffee podcast up. Any recommendations on coffee places to chack out in your area? Thanks and keep posting!

  • At 2:36 PM, Blogger Kevin said…

    Beautifully done! I'm mentioning you in an article that will be posted at a Web sydication service (Spot-On) this coming Monday.


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