My favorite things....

John Coltrane rocks my world with this song ("My Favorite Things"). It almost makes me want to see "The Sound of Music"....for a split second. :)
Last night we popped open some bubbly for a dish I saw Emeril make on Emeril LIVE!. I despise Big E, but he...or his producers/writers/staff/whoever come up with some winners sometimes. Like the Seared Jumbo Scallops with a Champagne-Vanilla Butter Sauce we made last night with a leftover bottle of Domaine Ste. Michelle Extra Dry, from NYE. It was the bomb. I stopped at Penzey's Spice this weekend & picked up some Moroccan Vanilla Beans & they made the dish. I can still taste the sweet delicate seeds lightly crunching between my teeth. This recipe is going into the vault. We used fresh wild jumbo sea scallops that melted into a buttery remnant of the sea in your mouth. Ohhh sooo good. We ate sauteed asparagus & fresh wheat fettucine (THANKS KATHY!) with S&P, olive oil, & paremesan, too. We couldn't let the rest of the bubbly go to waste so we polished it off with dinner. What a way to end the that redundant or what?

Since this post is called My favorite are some more of mine (besides Coltrane, champagne, sauces made with shallots & butter). My moka pot. Damn I love this thing. I have not enjoyed our fresh roasted beans this much in a while & while it doesn't make proper espresso, it has saved me a ton of money in shots. Right now we have a Peruvian La Florida we roasted fairly dark that makes an awesome cup out of the moka pot.

And of course, my two favorite Ladies. La & Roxi down by the river, but not in a van. :D


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