Valentines Dinner

Valentines Dinner
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So last night we celebrated Valentines Day. We both have to work on the 14th & La won't be home until late due to school too.

Randy, my uncle in Germany, sent a pack of Squid Ink Pasta from Italy with Zach, when he visited a couple of weeks ago. (THANKS RANDY!!!) We were saving it for a special occasion & this was it. We also used some leftover sauce we made with the spice pack Zach brought. It was so hot that we added more tomatoes & more garlic, just because we love tons of garlic. We boiled the octopus for an hour earlier in the day & put it in the fridge to sit until we were ready for dinner. We prepared the Squid Ink Pasta just like any other pasta, while the octopus simmered in the sauce (for about an hour). We also had Italian Creamed Spinach. I will let La tell you how she worked her magic. The dinner was outstanding. The octopus was so tender & tasted like a sweet sea breeze. The smell of life as my Dad once put it, referring to the smell of the ocean.

More photos here.

Stay tuned, the wine list is up next!


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