Memorable Meals: Vietnamese BBQ in Zion, UT

I am going to start a series of posts today called Memorable Meals. Feel free to share your own Memorable Meals with me too.

This Memorable Meal was a Vietnamese BBQ that we ate on our honeymoon in Zion, UT. We were in Zion National Park hiking the narrows, which is a creek that runs through a tight canyon that is approximately 15 miles long. There is no trail, you hike in the creek. It was so awesome being surrounded by 2000 foot canyon walls meandering the the path the Virgin River cut through the rock. It was the best way to escape the hot Southern Utah heat (this in the middle of July).

We only hiked for a couple of hours because it was getting dark & our stomachs were growling. At the time Laura was a vegetarian, but she has finally came to her senses. A lady in the park suggested this weird Vietnamese/Indian/Ice Cream parlor place because they had a nice vegetarian selection. So that is where we went. Utah has some pretty crazy beer/liquor/wine laws so we stopped by the store to pick-up an assortment of local micro-brewed beers. I don't remember what they were, but I do remember they hit the spot. We had vegetable samosas to start things off & then for the main event, we had the Vietnamese BBQ.

There was a flying saucer type grill they put on our table with a little flame in it & they brought us a huge plate full of raw chicken, beef & shrimp (La still ate seafood), a big plate full of greens, mint, lime leaves, thai basil, sprouts, limes, & jalapenos. There was also a dish of rice paper to wrap the goods in. What you do is take your meat & dip it in sesame oil & then place it on the grill, cook to your liking, pull it off, twist it up in the rice paper with a good handful of veggies & then you dip it in Fish Sauce & cover it with sriracha & enjoy. It was kind of like Vietnamese fajitas now that I think about it.

It was one of those perfect meals. We were in one of the most beautiful places in the world, with 2000 foot cliffs behind us, the company & conversation was top notch & we had the excitement of the rest of our trip.

If you have any Memorable Meals please share!



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