3 bargain Pinot Noirs to avoid.

2003 Estrella Piont Noir-Tastes like a melted red Flav-R-Ice & it gave me killer heartburn after the first sip. No thanks.

2004 Trinity Oaks- They have the slogan "The Food Wine" trade marked (literally) & you better have this with food & preferably something that will mask the flavors. This bottle is 750ml of cherry Jolly Rancher. I suggest some 12-Hab-Jerked Chicken or Lamb Vindaloo....or another trip to the wine store.

2004 Twin Fin Pinot Noir- This was the best of the worst. It actually had some depth compared to the other two. There was still a candy cherry overtone but there was also some cedar & tannins. I would get this again, only if I was buying wine for people that don't drink wine.


  • At 2:36 PM, Blogger Timinator2K7 said…

    As a non-wine drinker, I'll give this 2004 Twin Fin Pinot Noir a can't be worse than any diet soft drink...can it? :)


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