Photo essay: 1st Official Picnic of 2006.

2001 Schmitt Söhne Riesling Auslese

The goods. Hard salami & herbed brie with crostinnis.

We also had olives & pickled veggies, fresh apples & strawberries & salt & pepper potato chips.

How to picnic in three easy steps.

Now repeat & take a nap in the sun if necessary.


  • At 5:01 PM, Blogger g58 said…

    Yes! I love it! Ice is melting up here but lots of ugly gravel still remains. Until things look better I will live vicariously through you. (Coincidentally, I have exactly the same plastic wine goblets as you so I really could almost taste that Riesling on my lips).
    Seeing all this is inspiring me. I hope to get some recent photos out and scan them in (nope, no ditigal camera of my own). So far, I've been braving the winter by posting my Picnics in Paris images. They're nothing like the photo essay you've assembled though.
    As for the puns, well... I like those too! Keep servin'em up! I see that your montage "How to picnic in three easy steps" goes "La-La-La". More tricky wordplay?

  • At 5:54 PM, Blogger Collin C. said…

    When does it get warm in Montreal? I would love to live up north, I am thinking. We were killing mosquitoes last week...I can't imagine the bugs we will have in June (we are in the Deeeeeep South by the way, Memphis, TN). We had a really mild Winter, so I am betting we have a relentless Summer. It was bad enough last year. So we will enjoy the spring as much as possible.

    *lol* on the "LA, LA, LA"!

    We are thinking about going by CoLa, like Bennifer, or Brangelina. I don't think La is enthusiastic about it as I am though.


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