Road Trip: Part One

Our first official stop was in Flagstaff, AZ. We originally stopped so we could eat (a real meal at a restaurant instead of road food) & then move on...but instead we decided to stay. As luck would have it, the Flagstaff Music Fest was happening Downtown. We got at a sidewalk table at a cafe across from the stage & ate lunch & listened to live bluegrass. We spent the rest of the day enjoying the festival atmosphere, shopping & of course, eating some more.
It was a well deserved stop after 1.5 days on the road.

The next morning we decided to hit the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. It was a no go, due to wildfires. In the photo, the grey band that looks like fog is smoke over the Colorado River.

No big deal....Zion National Park was only an hour away at that point & the GC was just a bonus stop.

Zion was stunning as usual. We love Zion because it is a different kind of beautiful than say....the Rockies with it's 14k foot snow capped peaks & Moab with its canyons & red rock formations. Zion's beauty is striking. Behind every curve of the trail or road there are 3000+ foot cliffs, right on top of you, staring down at you.

We camped on BLM land at a nice secluded primitive campsite. We were alone in the Utah wilderness with the Virgin River literally 20 yards from our tent. This is were we would escape the midday heat. We would put our chairs in the river under a tree & just relax until it was cool enough to explore some more.

Behind our tent. The Virgin River.

Stay tuned for more Zion & the rest of the trip.



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