Let's Do Lunch

I love that phrase. What I love even more is doing lunch. I am lucky...sorta. I get off of work everyday at noon (but at the price of going in at 3AM), so I can do lunch everyday if I wanted. To me, there is no better way of unwinding after a hard days work of pushing pixels for the man. A glass of wine (or three) from whatever joint we choose plus a tasty sandwich or lunch portion of a dinner entree is the perfect apres work treat.

There are numerous benefits of 'doing lunch'. One being that lunch our is almost always cheaper than dinner out. The menu at most places is about the same as it is at dinner & sometimes if you are lucky the portions are the same size at lunch as they are at dinner.

There is one drawback that I have found to doing lunch. Usually the kitchen staff & front of the house staff that work lunch are the "B-Team". We have figured out not to eat at the Beauty Shop for lunch. The last two times we have been there for lunch the service was terrible & one couple of weeks ago I had the worst burger I have ever had.

The next best thing to doing doing lunch & then coming home to take a siesta.


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