Wherein La C. takes the plunge

After over two years of pretty unhealthy eating, over indulgence and low exercise, I have received the official bill of health from my doc. At 26 years old, La C. has been diagnosed with high cholesterol.

Now I knew I was out of shape, and I knew I was eating too much fat but I didn't figure it had gotten this bad. So I've been reflecting on some things. I'm out of balance, mentally and physically. I have been in balance before, and it's nice, real nice. And I miss it. So I am going to get it back. How you ask? Don't laugh. Macrobiotics. Now I'm no nut. I'm also not really good at handling rigidity, it brings out my phobia of commitment that connects directly to my phobia of failure, but you don't need to know all of this about me.

Anyway, I have been doing some reading up on macrobiotics, the philosophy of balance and how to make the food tasty tasty tasty, so expect to see some of that popping up around here. As well, you might get to see some of my struggles as I rid myself of the demons that are sugar, dairy and *gasp* caffiene. Wish me luck.


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