Smoked Habanero powder

We grew a ton of Habs this year. So manythat we really didn't know what to do with them all. Our friends didn't want any (wusses!), we used a bunch (we rule!) in many batches of salsa, numerous batches of Jerk & there is even 6, quart sized zip-locks full of frozen habs in our freezer! Besdies all of those, we picked almost 4# of chiles before the first frost & since we didn't have any more room in the freezer we decided to smoke them & boy were they rough on the lungs! Kidding....I am only kidding. After I smoked them & dried them, I ground them up into the deadly powder you see here. This stuff RULES! It is so good & sooooooo HOT! It has the fruity Hab flavor with hickory & mesquite flavor too & did I say it was HOT!!! I hope we can make this stuff last until next year's bumper crop.....yeah right.


  • At 11:26 PM, Blogger zlamushka said…

    Hey, I just received a pack of these. What do you do with them? I guess I would add them to a goulash stew or with mashed potatoes. ANy other ideas?


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