Our first Wine Blogging Wednesday

WBW #19
My Wine Blogging Wednesday cherry is popped! YEAH BABY! (sorry, I am writing this early so the coffee is kicking). For those who don't know about the phenomenom of WBW, check it out here.
Basically it is just a themed Blog day where Wine Bloggers all post on the same subject matter on a Wednesday, hence the name. This weeks theme is "When in Rôhne."

As many of you know I accidentaly purchased a magnum of Rose' a few weeks ago. I thought I was getting one of our favorite house reds La Vieille Ferme Côtes du Ventoux Rouge. I was horrified when I poured it in my glass. It was pink! I thought something went horribly wrong. It took me forever to realize it was Rose'. Hell, I didn't even know La Vieille Ferme even made a Rose'. By this point I was very disgruntled & poured my glass back into the bottle & put it back in the fridge & forgot about it.

Yesterday we pulled it out of the bowels of the fridge, where it was literally stuck to the back wall of the fridge. I peeled it out, twisted the top off, sniffed...still good, I guess? This time it was much better since we were expecting Rose'. I really dont know how I feel about it, though. I mean, I enjoyed it, it tasted good, it was a refreshing drink we enjoyed while working in the yard & later with a meatloaf sandwich, but it was still Rose'. There wasn't much going on in the nose. Kinda of citrus-y, some hints of cherry & some berries, but a mineral-ie-ness (NEW WORD!) was all over the place. On the palate it was much of the same, but kind of tart. I think I could really enjoy this with a picnic on hot summer day or maybe at a fish fry in the middle of June. I will have to get another bottle (on purpose this time) when the days are sweltering hot. I think this wine will shine then.

price:$12 (magnum)

I almost forgot...A big thanks goes out to Jathan of Winexpression for hosting this weeks WBW!


  • At 11:35 AM, Blogger La said…

    It really was better when we knew what to expect. Still definitely not close to one of my favorites. A good stand-by none the less.


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