Great Wines & Spirits Free Tasting Saturday

From the Great Wines & Spirits newsletter:

Saturday April 29 from 1 - 3 p.m. at Salsa restaurant, 6150 Poplar Avenue in Regalia, adjacent to Great Wines.
We'll be doing the 2006 version of "Tax Relief - good wines that won't break the bank." There is no charge to attend and reservations are not needed. Come for lunch - Salsa is always a good lunch place - taste and shop, in whatever order you want to do it.

A quick word about the wines we'll pour Saturday - this may be the first of several 'value' oriented tastings that we will do over the next 3 or 4 months as I believe we are entering a period when it will be very rewarding to be a regular wine drinker, i.e. a lot of wine is being produced in Australia, new vineyards are coming on strong in Argentina, Spain, New Zealand and South Africa and California had their biggest harvest on record in 2005. While a lot is cheap industrial plonk, I think - and Saturday's tasting should confirm this - there are more and more very fairly priced, really good wines available. Hope you can join us and see if you agree.

Great Wines & Spirits (901) 682-1333


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