Vietnamese Sammich

Vietnamese food was love at first bite for us. Luckily there is a big Vietnamese population in Midtown Memphis. This is one reason I love Midtown. In the bleak cultural wasteland that is Memphis (the whole South for that matter), Midtown is the oasis of multiculturalism. It is by no means as diverse as Miami, New York City, L.A. or San Francisco, but it is just enough to keep our lives interesting.

I finally got my hands on a Vietnamese Sandwich. I have read about the wonders of the Vietnamese Sandwich all over the interweb, but have not been able to find them anywhere in Memphis & we eat at all the Vietnamese joints.

We regularly shop at the Viet Hoa Market on Cleveland Ave. & recently they have opened a restaurant (Lobster King) next door & have started doing take out fare in the market.

This is extremely exciting to us as we shop there regularly. They do a buffet, have pre-made sandwiches, Bun (rice vermicelli bowls) & an assortment of ducks, chicken & geese (i think they are geese?). Seeing whole cooked fowl hanging in a heated case gets us salivating every time we walk by.

The other day we picked up lunch there. I had a sammich (FOR $2 BUCKS!!!) & La got a Bun bowl. Both were awesome.

The sandwich had some unidentifiable meats, something like pate', some processed meat product, that I think was Vietnamese sausage & what I am pretty sure is BBQ'ed Pork. A nice menage a trois, whatever it was. What tied it all together was the crispy baguette & the veggies. Loads of fresh cilantro, pickled veggies (mostly carrots), some jalapeno, bell pepper & tomato made it unforgettable.

It is going to be hard not to get one every time we swing by to get our score of fresh seafood.

I will have to take some pics & post about the fresh seafood selection. It deserves it's own post, hell, it deserves it's web site. It is huge & is the best place to get fresh seafood in Memphis.


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