On The Road Again...

When I was a kid, my Dad would belt out Willie Nelson's "On The Road Again" for what seemed like the first two hundred or so, miles of our summer road trips. It was an interesting tradition from a very strange man. I have no doubt he is the reason I am so strange myself & full of wanderlust...Thanks Dad.

We will be singing that song not soon enough. We are planning an epic road trip for June, since our plans for Europe fell through. We are taking two weeks off to drive out to California Central Coast wine country. Oh, hell yes.

We are stopping along the way at some of our favorite spots for camping, mountain biking, hiking & dining under the stars. Our current itinerary has us stopping in Zion National Park, then on to Cali, to explore from Santa Barbara to Paso Robles. We will then head back east after five days of touring wineries, tasting rooms, vineyards, not to mention some time spent on the beach & on the mountain lion laden Cali singletrack.

Our first stop heading back East....Vegas, baby. This is where we spent our wedding night & it will be close to our 2nd anniversary, so a lost day or two in sin city is required. But don't expect to read about that leg of the trip hear, because what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Unless of course we go to Nobu or Spago, then you can count on hearing about it.

After Vegas, it will be time to detox by sweating it all out in Moab, UT...The most beautiful place on Earth & mountain biking Nirvana. Hopefully we won't almost die this time, like we do every time we go to Moab (cheating death is half the fun though!).

From Moab we are going to drive towards Ridgland, CO for some high altitude relaxing in soothing, hot mineral springs near Ouray. This will rejuvenate our souls which we will need for the day & half of driving home that lies ahead.

We are giddy with excitement & are long overdue for an epic road trip with just the two of us, our bikes & a wanderlust that has us itching to say "F' it all! Let's get on the road again RIGHT NOW!"

If you know of any wineries, beaches, trails, State Parks, whatever....we should not miss, please drop us line!



  • At 1:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Do not miss Peachy Canyon Winery in Paso Robles...

    If you still like a good zin, they have many that are outstanding and usually great values.

    Also, I would suggest checking out a store called Taste, which is located in San Luis Obispo downtown. It is a wine store, but they also have about 60 or more wines to taste using a neat automated debit card system. Good way to try many... but be warned, it can be pricey.

    I really prefer the cheaper, at the winery tastings, but they (Taste) have many wines from wineries that do not offer tastings.

    Edna Valley is another one not to miss.

    Enjoy! I am jealous.


  • At 9:01 AM, Blogger Collin C. said…

    I have tried a Peachy Canyon Zin & liked it especially for the price. We will have to check them out.

    That wine shop sounds cool too.



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