Recipe: Chicken Satay, Shooting From The Hip

Last week I needed a way to cook some chicken for dinner. I decided on Chicken Satay. We had this a few weeks ago but I couldn't find the recipe La used. La was in class & couldn't be bothered with an text message, IM, email or smoke signals (ain't technology great). So, I had to shoot from the hip.

I know I could have gotten on Food or but where is the adventure in that?

I started some white rice while I made the Satay marinade/sauce, which I made to taste, so I have no quantities, but here is what I used...
  • peanutbutter

  • soy sauce

  • finely minced garlic

  • tobassco

  • five spice mix

  • 1 scallion chopped

  • cilantro

  • brown sugar

  • dash of fish sauce

  • some sesame oil & olive oil (more olive oil)

  • I mixed it all together & when it tasted to my liking, I pulled a little bit out to use as dipping sauce & I used the rest to marinate the chicken, for about an hour & a half.

    When the rice was done I let it sit with the lid on & I started the grill. While the coals were getting white hot, I rummaged through the crisper to find something else to grill, which happened to be a nice Zucchini. I sliced it & skewered it, along with the chicken & loaded it with sesame oil & five spice mix.

    I grilled both until they were done & by this point La was home & making a killer salad with herbed goat cheese, greens & pickled peppercorns. We also chopped the Zuke & tossed it with the rice, creating a duo worthy of seconds.

    I have never been to Thailand but I would like to think if you stopped at a Satay stall on the side of a moped & bike filled street this is how it would taste.

    If not, at least this meal whisked us away to a place we have never been.



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