What have we been up too?


Long time no blog. Let me fill everyone it. We are still living & loving Milwaukee.
So yeah Milwaukee. Brew City.
Been drinking lots of beer.
Some of our favorites from Wisconsin...
Anything by Furthermore. Especially their Three Feet Deep their peat smoked stou.
New Glarus has some great offerings.
Lakefront Brewery
is our neighborhood brewery & they make some damn fine beer & do a helluva Friday Fish Fry.

We have also fallen in love with a couple of local wine merchants where we quickly got on a first name basis with everyone. We are a couple of lushes I tell ya.

Waterford Wine Company is our main stop for vino & is just right down the street from us on lovely Brady Street.

Also we frequent these crazy Californians chasing their wine dreams in Milwaukee, of all places, at Thief a wine bar & shop in the Milwaukee Public Market. Phil & Aimee left their wine careers in Cali to open this place & let me say their passion for the juice is infectious & we are glad they packed up & moved to the Midwest not long after we did.

There really is a ton of food & wine stuff in this city to blog about.

We have been doing great & part of the reason you haven't heard from us is we are super busy & chasing our dream of living off the grid (not conducive to blogging). We haven't had a TV in over 3 years (funny since I work in the business) & we gave Time Warner a big F.U. & canceled Road Runner. Which brings me to where I am right now....The Garage, a bar/restaurant right around the corner from Chez CoLa, where I am enjoying a litre of Summit Winter Ale from St. Paul Minnesota.

So, yeah. We are embracing this Midwestern thing.

Aside from the whole food & drink thing we been doing lots. Skiing (cross country & downhill), playing with Jack & Roxi, trying to stay warm, shoveling snow, sewing, reading lots, & well....drinking & eating....LOTS.

We will be in from time to time. So keep checking back.



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