Cheap Ass Magnum Throwdown #1

As you may or may not know, our wine buying strategy is to buy big-ass-bargain bottles (aka Cheap Ass Magnums) during the week to keep our wine costs low.

We will review our weekday wines by either giving them a YUM or a YUCK & a few brief words. This will be a regular feature & hopefully help some other poor, broke, souls from wasting their money (cue violins).

This inaugural batch was purchased at my weekday wine store, Midtown Wine & Spirits. I go there because they have the best deal in town, 10% off 4 bottles or 15% off a case or 6 magnums. They don't have a huge selection but they specialize in wines under $15, so the choice suits us fine.

Barefoot Zin- YUM. Nice easy going Zin. We like to throw it in the fridge for a bit. Good anytime especially in the sun.
Lindeman's Bin 50- YUM. Kinda' hot but good. Typical big fruit forward Aussie Shiraz.
Barton & Guestier Cabernet Sauvignon- YUCK. I will only ever drink this again with food...if then. It taste like garbage & band-aids.
La Playa Merlot- YUM. Nice. Good fruit with some mint.


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