Restaurant Review: Slim Goodies Diner: Still Cooking with Love

'The Jewish Coonass'- Potato Latkes topped with Spinach, Eggs, and Crawfish Etoufee

We were cruising along Magazine street early Saturday morning looking for some breakfast and any place to shop that was open at 9.00am. (don't waste your time, nobody shops that early in New Orleans), when we passed Slim Goodies Diner.

We love, love, love diner food with a twist. Most of our favorite cities we visit have one and we seek them out in unfamiliar areas. Owned, operated and fueled by locals, they always have the best food for the best price and we generally pick up a hot tip on what to do next, wherever we are. Since our itinerary for this weekend was packed we were just looking for food, and boy did we find it.

The place was packed, Good sign. And we got a table right away, even better. The menu is huge. Its one of those menus that if I am spending more than one day in a place, I want to come back over and over again so that I can try out everything on it. 'Still Cooking with Love' the menu says and it has to be true because food this good couldn't be made without love.

I had the the 'Jewish Coonass' (pictured above)- Potatoe Latkes topped with spinach, eggs, and Crawfish Etoufee. Served with a biscuit so that you can soak up any of the butter that the latkes miss. It was a perfect cure for the slight hangover I acquired after trying to taste as many of the 600 wines I was surrounded by in three short hours the night before, but thats probably a story for another time. The Etoufee was really good. The best I've had in New Orleans. The latkes were great as well. It was my first encounter with a latke so I have nothing to compare to but latkes are now my new favorite way to eat potatoes with my breakfast.

Collin had the 'Bon-Ton' - Etoufee Omlette. I was so engrossed in my meal that I never even got a bite of his. It had to have been good because he almost cleared the plate and the omelet was the size of our heads combined.

Slim Goodies is definitely worth checking out. I would say if you visit NOLA, it's be a shame to skip out on Slim's. Besides all the aforementioned perks to the place, they were one of the first restaurants to open up after Katrina. They love New Orleans, they are helping to bring the city back, and that should make you smile.

Recap- For all you folks with short attention spans-

Slim Goodies

  • Hot Coffee

  • Good Service

  • Nice Atmosphere/Local Flavor

  • Phenomenal Food with tons of choices

  • Doesn't break the budget

  • 5 Thumbs up
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    • At 8:47 AM, Blogger slim goodie said…

      thank you
      thank you
      thank you
      we love to cook with love
      come back any time
      slim goodie

    • At 9:07 PM, Blogger LLA said…

      Wow - this sounds great! Thanks for the link to the menu...

      I've got a friend, a fellow foodie, who is lucky enough to be heading NOLA-way next week. I'm sending her a link to your site so she can read your great review for herself!

    • At 3:23 PM, Blogger La said…

      Let us know how she likes it!

      Glad you stopped by.

    • At 9:41 PM, Blogger Nate said…

      I would like to use the photo of the Potato Latkes topped with Spinach, Eggs, and Crawfish Etoufee in a short film for a local film festival. Could you please allow me the copyright privileges?

      natelett (at) yahoo (dot) (com)


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