Reminder: Two Free Tastings Today

Remember Memph-o Wine-o's...
BBQ inspired wines with wine guru John Vego at the Tower Room. Wine will be poured from 1-4pm.


Australian wines imported by Dan Philips, founder and brain child of The Grateful Palate will be poured at Salsa on Poplar. Wine will be poured from 1-3pm.

More info HERE.

We will try & hit them both. La is out of town, so I think my partner in crime will be Tim, a buddy of mine. The tough part is going to be the logistics & time constraints. Luckily they are both on the same side of town. I think if we head to Salsa at 1pm & taste/shop for an hour, we can be at the Tower Room by 2'ish. We will need to operate with military-like efficiency & ninja-like self discipline.

I don't think Tim knows what he is in for.


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