more pictures....

I know we have been back for a month, but I just now got our pics on my machine & uploaded to the inter-web.
Here they are.

Just outside our hotel room.

@ Miss Sonia's.

Patties are a Jamaican specialty. Mine was curried lobster. La had curried goat. Served with luke warm Red Stripe & Jerk sauce in an old Rum bottle. Miss Sonia's is the coolest place to eat. She has a kitchen on the side of the highway with a huge covered area with dozens of tables. There is a fridge full of Red Stripe & Ting, you just help yourself. She was very nice & makes the best patties on the island. You must go there if you are ever in Negril.

Swimming the caves under the Pirate Bar at the cliffs in Negril.

ACKEE: Jamaican breakfast fruit. Scrambled like eggs with saltfish. soooooo good. I am craving some now with a big mug of Blue Mountain coffee.

No Photoshop....I promise.


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