Sunday picture flood!!

Head to higher ground!
But only if there is Wi-Fi!!!

Seems fitting to start with some coffee. This in out French press. It is some Peruvian La Florida (fair trade, shade grown, hand picked, certified organic like all of the beans we get). We roasted this batch last Thursday, about a pound, & we are already almost out. I know what I will be doing tomorrow afternoon. ;)

Sparkling Italian Red from La's "celebratory, I quit the food service industry for good" dinner. She we will be working in her field now (anthropology) for a professor in a cool office Downtown. Hot stuff.
The bubbly was hot stuff too. Think crisp, rose petals & raspberries. Nice.

Jamaican souvenir. Appleton Estate Extra. Aged 12 years. The best rum I have ever tried.

Not another Malbec form Mendoza!!! Yes, it is. Am I predictable or what? I feel like I may like this one the best. I really need to taste them all at once....not all at once, but in the same evening, side by side. I picked up on the usuall Malbec flavors in this bottle, plums, jammy purple-ness, but this one had a much longer softer finish with hints of flat Dr. Pepper. I dont know if the Reserva is worth the cheese so I might hold out on trying it until the tasting we are going to in a couple weeks (more on that later). Oh yeah, that weird shadow is my BIG HEAD. ITS FRIKKIN' 'UGE! A TOTAL ECLIPSE!

I will post more in a bit. I am trying to import our Jamaica pictures from La's laptop, so stay tuned.


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