Podcast review: Graperadio

I have been hooked on podcasts, as I mentioned a while back. Recently I found Graperadio & have been addicted ever since. Their slogan is "Where enthusiasm for wine gets personal" & enthusiasm is an understatement. They love wine (don't we all) & these guys are chocked full of wine knowledge. They are consummate wine-geeks, but don't let that scare you off if you are new to the wonderful world of wine. They don't come off as snobs at all & they explain everything in an interesting, easy to understand way. Don't let this bother you if you think you know everything about wine either. They have tons of great interviews with some very interesting wine industry people. Everyone from authors, wine makers, sommeliers, people that I could listen to for hours.

The conversations can get personal too (just like the slogan says). During their recent Pinot Showdown, a whopping four parter, that kept me glued to the I-pod, there was a heated debate between two Cali wine makers about their differences of style making Pinot Noir. Sort of a New World vs. Old World debate. The gauntlet was thrown down, some accusations were made & an enthralling debate ensued.

Besides great content, the production value is outstanding. I don't know who set these guys up with their studio but they did a great job. One thing I love that makes me drool every time is when they refill their glasses. You didn't think they would podcast about wine without a glass did you?

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