2004 Siduri Pinot Noir Willamette Valley

We picked up this bottle last weekend to go with our Pacific Northwest themed dinner. We started, of course by pulling the cork on this bad boy & enjoyed a glass while preparing our dinner, starting with our parsnip bisque then finishing up with some cedar plank roasted wild salmon & maple glaze & sauteed asparagus.

Things don't always go according to plan...especially when I am in charge (I only pretend to be in charge...just ask La). We got the Siduri to enjoy with our salmon but after tasting the maple glaze, we had to reevaluate. The maple glaze had much of the same flavor profile of the Siduri. The spicy ginger, the soy sauce & the maple together mimicked the palate of the Siduri to the point that both were just blah. Luckily we had the bisque rapidly finishing up. One taste of the creamy, velvety concoction, I knew this is what the Siduri needed to be enjoyed with. It was like the Yin & Yang. Perfect harmony. Two as one. The creamy, earthy, sweetness of the parsnips, tarragon & butter played with all of the spicy, big, rich flavors of the Siduri.

We ended up having a cheap Merlot with the salmon...Mirrasou, if I can remember correctly. Whatever it was it was a much better match than the Siduri. But, don't get me wrong....I loved the Siduri & hope to try more...once my wallet gets a little thicker (Siduris retail for $20-$55).


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