Recipe: Afghani Zaqi's Tiramisu

We made this Sunday & boy, was it an exercise in patience. It had to sit in the fridge for 8 excruciating hours. Needless to say, there were few thumb holes mysteriously poked into it before the 8 hours were up. I had no idea the seconds ticked by so slowly.

Why is it called Afghani Zaqi's (formerly Iraqi Zaqi) Tiramisu? Because Zach, my cousin in Afghanistan (doing IT not killing anybody), sent the recipe to me. We changed a couple of things. First, in a double boiler, we cooked the egg & sugar mixture for about 8 minutes, while stirring with a wisk. Also, instead of whipping egg whites we whipped whipping cream & folded it into the egg & sugar mixture.

This photo of sloppy seconds...well, more like sloppy 11ths, is dedicated to Afghani Zaqi...who is somewhere deep in the sandbox, eating shit.

When you get home bro', you know we will throw down & feast. Stay safe.

Recipe (as written by Zach)

8 eggs separated
Mascarpone cheese
Vanilla extract
Cocoa powder

  • beat egg yolks with enough sugar so that it is not crunchy…1/2 cup…until mix is light golden like a queer eye pastel sweater yellow….2-4 minutes…

  • in that effeminate kitchenaid*….whip egg whites until very stiff peaks…

  • add yolk mix to mascarpone cheese….(mascarpone comes in tubs like cream cheese the little ones-I use 3) mix well.

  • Add vanilla until it is somewhat more than subtle and less than obvious.. you have the pods.. that would be cool…

  • with a rubber spatula, fold egg whites in to cheese…gently….

  • add 1 shot kalahua* to 2 cups coffee*.
    quickly soak (they disintegrate) lady fingers in coffee…lay in bottom of glass 2’’ deep 8 x 11 baking dish.

  • when you have a full covered layer, cover with mascarpone mix….fill all the crevices…use approx ½ cheese mix
    lather, rinse, repeat 7 and 8..on top of the first layer.

  • lightly dust with cocoa powder
    saran wrap and keep in fridge for minimum 6 hrs…8 to 12 is preferable.

  • while resisting temptation to eat it early and not share it at all…write a book, solve the economic crises, and develop cold fusion, and other equally Herculean tasks…

  • *our Kitchenaid is pink.
    ** we used Tia Maria & espresso.



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