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This map shows See-Sip-Taste-Hear's last 100 hits. When I first started this blog, I thought that the only readers we would have would be a handful of friends & family members. I have been shocked, amazed, giddy, impressed,, wait, that was the bottle of see the diversity of the people reading our posts & looking at our photos.

The Inter-web has really made the world a smaller place...& that to me is a wonderful thing. I love everything. The people I meet, the food I eat, the wine I drink, the places I travel to, the music I listen to, etc... I guess this stems from the fact that I grew up in McWASP-erville deep near the belt buckle of the Bible Belt, where everyone was the same & the only diversity was whether someone went to a Baptist church, Presbyterian church or god forbid one of those buck-wild Methodist churches. Thankfully we always lived in a college town where there was usually a scosh of culture. I only wish we had the internet back then.

Hopefully the map will have every continent covered at some point.


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