French Wine & Steak Night: Part 1 The Meat

Last Saturday night we had three bottles of French wine from three very different regions, Burgundy, Crozes-Hermitage & Bordeaux. The Burgundy was an '03 Louis Latour Santenay, the Crozes-Hermitage was an '00 Domaine Pradelle & the Bordeaux was an '01 Chateau Greysac. The menu for the night was steak à la bourgignonne & homemade pommes frittes.

Before I talk about the wine, I have to mention the dinner. The only steaks we have been eating lately are fillets. We love them. They are so lean, but also very tender & full of flavor.

When we went to the grocery store earlier that day, there were no fillets to be found except the pre-packaged fillets with bacon attached by a plastic, barbed, spear device. I picked one up & read the label. I felt like I was in Mr. Gordon's 11th chemistry class again. Sodium Benzonate, Nitro-what-the-hell & get this....BEEF FLAVORING?! It is a damn piece of cow right? Why does it need beef flavoring?! Another question I had was, how do you make beef flavoring? I dont want to know.

Needless to say, I found the nice guy in the white coat & shower cap & asked him if he had any fillets. I was in luck. He got on the phone & summoned someone from the back who sliced us some nice fresh fillets, which we ended up getting for $.62 due to a tagging error by the butcher. Imagine our surprise when we noticed the screaming bargain on the receipt.

We wrapped the fillets with bacon, rubbed them with S/P & EVOO, let them sit for a bit & grilled them to perfection over hot coals (no gas here...EVER).

La will have to post the pommes frittes recipe, as my duties concerned taming the fire & grilling the meat, two of man's greatest needs. All I know is they were fried twice & kicked so much ass, Chuck Norris would be jealous.

The steaks were perfect. While they were resting (you have to let meat rest so the juices/flavors don't spill out onto your plate, but you already knew that), we sauteed some shallots & creminis in butter then deglazed it with some Domaine Pradelle & reduced it & then of course finished the sauce with S/P & a pat of butter. Best steak sauce ever. Hell, best steak ever.

Stay tuned for the wine notes...


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