The Perfect Morning

Ahhhhhh.....This morning has been perfect. Spring is in full swing & the weather is perfect. Last night we slept with the windows open & woke up to a cool breeze blowing through our bedroom with the sounds of birds singing non-stop. It was one of those mornings where we woke up but stayed in bed, just laying there talking about this & that, holding each other with two beasts snoozing at our feet. I didn't think it could get any better. Boy, do I love being wrong sometimes.

After rolling out of bed, I went out to my car to fetch my coffee mug & the sun was at an angle where everything is golden. There was a slight fog in the air that made the sunlight soft & glowing. The air was crisp but the sun balanced it out perfectly, warming my soul. I walked up to the front door & was welcomed by the aromas of frying bacon & fresh brewed Colombian Supremo tickling my nose. I felt like I was floating to the kitchen, following my nose, just like Fred Flintstone did when he would come home to Wilma grilling some Bronto-Burgers.

We have taken to eating outside a lot, now that the good weather is back. This morning was no exception. The ground was covered in dew that sparkled, making the ground glisten, as if someone scattered diamonds all over the ground. The soundtrack of songbirds & squirrels playing persisted the whole time. The daffodils are in full bloom giving us their beauty & perfumed scent throughout the air. There is no better place to dine.

To top it all off, we have three bottles of French wine to enjoy tonight. A Bordeaux, a Burgogne Rouge & a Crozes-Hermitage. We are doing a mini French tasting, comparing the three regions, so stay tuned for that.

I hope your morning has been a nice one too.


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