1st day of school....

...for La, so I am cooking. It will be coq au vin. I've done this before but I can't find the recipe I used, so I might just read the ones on-line & in our cookbooks, then just shoot from the hip. Meals like this are great, I had everything I needed here, except the chicken. So that was all I needed to get, wait...shrooms, i forgot, i thought we were out, so I got some. We weren't out. Shoulda' known. My point is..besides what we already had & what I thought we didn't have, I spent 8 bucks on dinner for two. Plus leftovers for another 3 meals for the both of us. What a deal! And at the risk of sounding will be better than going out to eat at a restaurant.

I can't very well post without uploading a pic, so here is a collage of Downtown Memphis I threw together.


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