Hahn Estates 2004 Pinot Noir

Last week was the week of Pinot Noir. After I tried the Erath Pinot Noir, I had to have more Pinot. The Hahn was really good although I liked the Erath better, I gave them both a 4 out of 5 (the Erath might be a 4.5, but then if I give it 4.5 I might as well use a 10 point scale & I am gonna stick to 5 points). The Hahn's nose was thick, with candied cherries & almost spicy. On the palate it follows the nose with a deeper cherry, with a hint of cedar. The finish is long & drawn out. This Pinot has backbone.

I was sad to see the last glass poured & I even dreamed about Pinot Noir that night.

I recommend it to anyone who likes big, ripe, fruit forward Pinot Noir.


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