Italy & France's top wine status slipping?

Italy & France both consume more wine per capita than the U.S., but the U.S. is slowly gaining on our Old World buddies across the pond. more on this here.

The Greying of America or people getting older is said to part of the reason. Baby Boomers are drinking more wine & spending more money on wine & twenty-somethings are starting to buy more wine & buying better wine. But first & foremost I think it is strange they even say "The Greying of America". The media uses this term a lot, talking about people getting older. The media treats it like it is an epidemic beyond Bird Flu proportions. It is not some kind of disease or phenomenon that is out of this world. It happens to EVERYONE....EVERYWHERE....and it has since, well, the birth of time. Now dont get me started on some metaphysical discussion about time & the birth of time & can there even be a birth of time? And what about wormholes & unified string theory? Where do we begin? Hold on my glass is empty....Be right back.

Much better.
Where was I?

Oh yeah. Americans drinking more wine. So why are aging Americans buying more wine? Obviously our tastes mature as we get older & we know what we like & don't like more & more as we get older & development more specific tastes. With wine, you have an almost infinite number of possibilities of what you want your glass of wine to taste like (or so it seems to this budding oenophile). Say you want something bright, crisp & grab a Pinot Grigio. But maybe you feel like a seductive, brooding, baked cherry-bomb, so you grab a Pinot Noir for your after work unwind session. Then you have the variances between vintages too, so the same varietal, same vineyard, same producer may be different year to year& probably will be.

You don't get the same options or depth with other beverages. Milk is always milk. You want a Soda? Coke is gonna always taste like Coke, no matter if was mostly cloudy for half the summer with torrential rains in September or a picture perfect postcard summer. If you are not a coke drinker, then there are only a few other options.

I have definitely grown to love wine more & more as I have gotten older. I think one of the reasons why, is...I no longer pound drink after drink. With wine I want to take my time & enjoy every last drop to the fullest & scrutinize every detail.

Whatever it is, it is not due to a stupid movie about a middle-aged, border-lined alcoholic, loser.


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