2004 Erath Pinot Noir

I went to Joe's yesterday to get tickets to the wine tasting on Thursday (if they had a website I would link to it) & ended up picking up a bottle of 2004 Erath Pinot Noir. Lately when I go to the wine store (either Buster's or Joe's) I usually have a list of wines I am looking for or one specific bottle I am after. But this time I was just shopping, looking for something to catch my eye. I, of course, being the Francophile I am, hit up the French wine rack to drool over the Bordeaux & bottles of Chateauneuf-du-Pape...all out of my price range of course. The Cotes du Rhone's were all wines I have tried & I felt like something new, so I slowly browsed my way to the rack of Pinot Noir & this bottle catches my eye. It fit my budget & I have been wanting to try a Pinot from Oregon, so done deal.

I just poured my first glass about an hour ago & I have to say I am now infatuated with Pinot & more specifically thisErath Pinot Noir.I am going to have to try some more Pinots to compare this one too.

Here are my initial impressions....
Having drank nothing but Syrah & Shiraz for the last few weeks I instantly noticed how light this was in the glass. I could actually see all the way through the deep ruby hues. The nose was very impressive & concentrated. I could smell this wine before I even put my nose in my glass. Upon closer inspection, I could pick up on a lot of cherry with a hint of raspberry. It almost reminded me of some Framboise La had a few weeks ago. There was also something I couldn't pinpoint, but it was very distinctive. My first sip was very nice. This is the best wine I have tasted in a while. It is a cherry explosion on the palate with a very nice finish. I could taste something I wanted to say was spicy, but it was more than that...there was an almost medicinal flavor....Sucrets. It has a nice undertone of cherry Sucrets....and that is a good thing in my eyes. I love cherry Sucrets & when I was a kid & I was sick, or not, I would eat them like candy. I think that is why I love this wine so much.

Now here is the real kicker. I would love to have another bottle of this, hell, a case if I could find one & the price was I was checking out they told me "not to like it too much" & the reason was a very good one. It was their last bottle & they wouldn't get anymore for a long time. I dont know what "a long time" is but I sure as hell hope it is a week or two & not until they release next years wine.

So, if you want a very elegant Pinot with hints of cherry Sucrets get a bottle, if you can find one & if you see some & don't get a bottle let me know where I can find one.


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