How much is too much?

When tasting?
I am not talking about getting drunk.
I went to a tasting this week that offered 40+ wines. I tasted 22 (+/-2 or 3) & at one point in the night my palate....hell, all of my senses (well i could still see & feel...a little :D)....were TOAST.

I had a small plate of food, mostly cheese & olives halfway through the night & I still feel like my palate just died at one point. It seems to me (i have only been to 3 tastings, so bear with me) that 22 wines is way too many in a 2 hour period. I started light & progressed from there (no whites though) but still I had issues.

Mind you, this did not keep me from tasting more, I just couldn't scrutinize the nose & flavor profiles, like I wanted.

How many wines is it feasible to taste & not have your palate wrecked? Is there a magic number? Should I have had some coffee? Mineral water?

I also have notes from Zach & Laura, that I will post when I have a moment.

This weekend we picked up a another Pinot Noir, this one from Napa Valley, another Penfold's, a Cab-Shiraz blend that I can't remember the name of (once the coffee kicks in I will go take a look). Also we picked up our weekday quaffer a Little Penguin Shiraz. More on that later.


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