2000 Domaine Paradelle Crozes Hermitage

I opened it yesterday & I immediately poured a small taste. I wasn't as deep & dark in the glass as the other syrah/shiraz/letscallthewholethingoff's I have had & the nose was very different almost musky/funky but kinda leathery. This did not turn me off, but intrigued me. My first sip I instantly thought "better luck next time", it was thin & really fell flat....but I couldn't keep my nose out of the glass. I still cant verbalize exactly what I smelled but it was very familiar. I am sure my wife thought I was insane....well, more insane than usual, as I was obsessing over this. Mind you this is all right after the bottle was opened.

I dont have a decanter yet, but have been hitting up the antique mall & rummage shops religiously. So I poured a & glass let it sit. Dinner time finally rolls around (hour later) & I start antagonizing this wine again ( I am really compulsive, so when i said La thinks I am insane....she really does & she might be on to something). The first wiff it seems like a different wine, I pick up on an almost cured-meat smell, kinda meaty/smoky/salty, not much fruit at all just a hint. But there was more than a hint of fruit on the palate, but just a little. The meatiness was the star on the palate. There were other flavors dancing around too that i cant really verbalize (a fruit/s, some spice & that musky scent). This wine kept evolving too each glass different nuisances would appear. The finish was nice & long lasting. I had it with leftover Shepherd's pie (with lamb) & it was a perfect match.

This wine had great bang for the buck & has me eager to step up my game & try a Hermitage, but I would be content drinking this for now.

Best part is....La was in the mood for beer, so I got 1/2 a bottle left.


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