My slow-witted next door neighbor was cleaning his grill inside his shed Thursday. He lit the grill (gas grill), evidently it flared up & caught his shed on fire. We got home from the park just as it started blazing. La called 911 & I went to knock on the door to see if they knew about the raging inferno from the bowels of hell in their backyard. The lady came to the door & said "Dave's taking care of it." I asked her if she had called 911 (La was on the phone with them at this point) & she said "No, Dave is taking care of it." Never once removing the Virginia Slim from her lips.
They both were totally cavalier about the whole situation. I think they are on drugs.

He caught his shed on fire.

Here he is trying to put it out with a garden hose. moron.

At one point I asked him if anything was flammable in there & he said "I hope not". yeah, me too.

About frikkin' time. It only took like 4 minutes from the time La called 911, for the FD to get here. We live 2 blocks away from the Police Station so we had Cops galore around before the FD showed up.

At one point the flames leapt to their roof & started to burn, but this was after the FD was there.
So, they just blasted it with H2O. TAKE THAT FLAMES OF FOOLISHNESS!!!

BIG RED TRUCK. Loud too, I might add.

Another funny thing. As soon as La was on the phone with 911, I ran back to grab the camera & I was snapping pics, when this lady pulls up in a sedan. She yelled out in her best sassy voice "YOU GONNA CALL SOMEBODY, OR WHAT?!". And of course I yell back something smart-assed (I can't remember, but yall know me, so you probably have an idea) to her & she gets out of her unassuming sedan & she is PACKING HEAT! She had on Kevlar, a belt with cuffs, radio, etc. & TWO nines strapped to both of her thighs. She was part of the OCU (organized crime unit). Luckily her energy was then focussed on getting my neighbors out of the house which was quite a task, evidently.

There were no casualties & the only things destroyed were the shed & the junk inside. There is never a boring day living in Midtown, Memphis. That is why I love it.


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