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Paso Robles Vineyards
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I was bored today because I am trapped inside due to ICE STORM ARMAGEDDON 2006. It has been sleeting all day & it is 21° outside & there is no way am I going to venture out in that insanity.

During this mundane moment of boredom, I started paying with Google Maps. I was originally trying to see how far away Paso Robles was from L.A. & just checking the lay of the land on the Central Coast. After getting a good idea of the geography, I started to zoom in with the Satellite Images turned on to see if I could spot any obvious vineyards. As you can imagine that wasn't too hard to do. I found one that looked cool & wanted to investigate further, so I turned on the Hybrid feature that composites the road data on the sat images & figured out the closest intersection. After plugging the intersection into Google Maps, I came up with a few returns that looked like they could possibly be the place I was looking at. After some more pointing & clicking, I found an address....1985 Penman Springs Road
Paso Robles, CA 93446. I plugged this into Google Maps again & the pin was right there. It turns out it is the Penman Springs Vineyard in Paso Robles.

Looks like cabin fever & the interweb go together like wine & least if you are a geek.


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