Memorable Meals: Varsailles Restaurant

If you are ever in Miami or more specifically Little Havana, you must take the time to eat here. We ate lunch there with my parents when we were visiting them in Fort Lauderdale & it rocked. We showed up at noon on Saturday & the place was packed. I think we were the only people there, that weren't having a conversation on Spanish. The menu was Old Testament fat....frikkin' huge. It took us longer to decide what to order than it took for them to cook it. We all ordered sandwiches & La got garlic & egg soup too. I had a roasted pork sandwich & La had a Cuban sausage sandwich & I can't remember what my parents had, but the general consensus was that it was unbelievably good. La's soup won the prize, though. It was beef based broth with tons of chunks of roasted garlic floating in it with a piece of toasted Cuban bread in the middle with a fried egg on top. I think I could live off of that soup. It was great place & great experience. If you are ever in Miami & want some good Cuban homecooking, head to Versailles.



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