Tasting notes: 2003 Cline Zinfandel

I am not a big Zin drinker. I used to be...well, we both used to be...big time. Not in the way you are thinking, though. Back when our wine drinking consisted of giant jugs of "Burgundy" or "Chablis" (note the quotes) that could be had for less change than what could be found in the cushions of our couch, we used to get an E. J. & Gallo jug called Cafe Zinfandel, on the extra cheap tip. We drank the stuff by the gallons, literally. It met all of our criteria at the time. Cheap, sweet, fruity, available in mass quantities & it even had a nice effervescent quality to it (I still dont know if that was intended or not).

That was then. Enter phase two of our Zinfandel love affair.

We tried a bottle about a month ago, a 2002 Renwood Zin. I almost flipped out. It was so good. It had so much character. A new meatiness, I had not tasted in other wines (nothing like Shiraz meaty). New spices & nuances, I had yet to taste. I was hooked.

I have been meaning to try another Zin since then. I could not find one in a boat, I could not find one with a goat....whoa, sorry. I was channelling Dr. Seuss there for a minute.

So, I picked up this 2003 Cline Zinfandel last week. I almost flipped out again.

nose: a melange of red berries & plum leaps out of the glass leading to a spicy meatiness, that is full of pepper, clove & cinnamon.

palate: follows the nose. Every sip begs to be savored. It is full of fruit, raspberry, black cherry & plum. Lots of clove & white pepper. Very spicy. The supple tannins lead into a lasting finish.


I cant wait to get my hands on some more Zinfandel.


  • At 8:36 PM, Anonymous Sean said…

    Nice! The Zin craving begins. They're addictive. :)


  • At 8:40 PM, Anonymous Sean said…

    .... I also meant to post that the Cline is one of my everyday faves as well. You'll have to try one of their single-vineyard ones, such as the "Live Oak" - nutso good.

    In this price range, keep an eye out for the Gnarly Head Zinfandel I keep touting.


  • At 4:15 PM, Blogger Collin C. said…

    Will do. I accidentally bought a magnum of rose', so i will be heading to the wine store soon.

  • At 10:31 AM, Blogger splatgirl said…

    That Cline Zin is one of my favorties! Yum. It's one of those wines I always think about when I'm in a hurry to pick up a good bottle of wine and don't have time to browse...



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