Tasting notes: 2004 Castle Rock Pinot Noir

Castle Rock Pinot Noir 2004
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I hit up Midtown Liquor again (sorry Joe & Buster!). I got the 4 pack special, which is any 4 bottles (magnums included) for 10% off. I had a good chat with their distributor who was very knowledgeable, most of those guys are full of shit, but he seemed to know his stuff & he was very friendly. Everyone that came into the store while I was there cashed their pay checks....Welcome to Midtown Memphis!

On to the vino.
They had a handful of Pinots that were under $10 & as bad as I wanted to try the Benton Lane Pinot Noir from Oregon, I decided to save our splurge bottle for Saturday (it was $20). So I opted for the 2004 Castle Rock Pinot Noir.

nose: black cherries, spice & tinges of alcohol that was borderline unpleasant.

palate: cherries & plum off the bat, with some clove. very faint tannins with a flash of heat. The finish was quick.

This is a good thursday night dinner wine. There isn't much to it & I think you need some food to tame the heat.


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