Gerwurtztraminer Eiswein tasting notes

This 2004 Rheinhessen Gewurtztraminer Eiswein was a gift from Zach. He brought Laura a bottle from Germany a couple of weeks ago. It made an excellent desert after our meal of chicken garlic confit, with sauteed mustard greens & acorn squash bread pudding.

Eiswein is made by picking the grapes while they are still frozen on the vine. The grapes are even pressed frozen, thereby separating the concentrated juice from the water (because it is still frozen & the juice is not). This produces a sweet, syrupy wine, that some call the Nectar of the Gods.

The nose was ripe & concentrated fruit with hints of apple & pear. On the palate it was heavy, almost syrupy but effervescent too. I know that seems like a contradiction, but it was a fleeting effervescence that was crisp on the front of the palate & then left very quickly. Very sweet concentrated ripe grape flavors with a hint of clover-honey coat the mouth. This desert wine needs no desert because it IS desert. It may not be for everyone but we both loved it. 4/5


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