Picture flood.

I went about a week without being able to upload pictures to Flickr & I am in the middle of cooking, so now seems like a good time to post stuff for your eyeballs.

These last two were taken at the end of a backpacking trip I took with a fried, Tony. On the way to Big Hill Pond, we hit up this tiny BBQ shack out in the middle of nowhere (this isnt it). I got a fried catfish sandwich & T-bone ( I am gonna call him T-bone from here on out.) got a BBQ. The BBQ looked really good & I almost regreted getting the catfish until I saw my sandwich. It was the size of my face & covered with slaw & black pepper. As if that wasn't good enough, I doused it with Louisiana Hot Sauce, which I believe was not really Louisiana Hot Sauce due to its brownish dark red color & nice heat. It was the perfect fuel for our hike to the shelter & great on the road food. We then decided to stop there on the way home too.
That is where this place comes in. We found it on the way home & had to stop. I don't know where this was, near Grand Junction maybe, but we were glad we stopped. I mean, can you really go wrong stopping at a roadside BBQ stand in the middle of the rural South? I got a jumbo BBQ & BBQ bologna sandwich for later. Both were awesome. I asked for the hot sauce & it was actually hot...even by my standards & the bologna...Mississippi Roundsteak, was at least 1/2 an inch thick....& the edges were just barely burnt & crispy....OK....I have to stop now.


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