This is the final Pinot Noir we had last week. It was the cheapest & my least favorite.
The nose was dominated by blackberries with a hint of cherry, with a little woodsy almost piney hint. On the palate it was a little more subtle than the nose lead me to believe with hints of cherries & that woodsy-piney undertone that was in the nose. The finish was long lasting with a tad bit of acidity. I was really unimpressed with this Pinot though. It was OK right after I opened the bottle but after it got some O2, it started morphing into a very unruly wine. It had a tart, bitter bite, I can only describe as cranberries or grapefruit even & it got worse as time went on, adding an angry biting finish. I guess you get what you pay for with Pinot Noir. I give this one a 2 of 5.

You might have noticed that I have taken to rating my wines. This is just so I can keep up with the ones I really like versus the ones that are just BLAH. My scale is constantly evolving so this will change prpbably & I may incorporate half points as well.

5=The frikkin' bomb!
4=Pretty damn good.
2=OK but not very memorable


  • At 9:54 AM, Blogger Jodes said…

    i will have to try it, found you thru flickr groups

  • At 2:05 PM, Blogger Collin C. said…

    Thanks for stopping by!

    I have decided that Flickr is the crack of the inter-web.


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