My first taste of Burgundy

I picked up a bottle of Louis Latour Marsannay 2003 this weekend & had my first taste of Burgundy. I drank this while cooking last Friday & it was a great way to start off the weekend.

This is soooooooo different compared to all the New World Pinots I tried last week.
I feel I really can't compare the two. The NW Pinots were scratch that, they WERE over the top compared to this wine. The NW was all intense ripe fruit & in your face. The Burgundy was more subtle. I would like to explore Burgundies more & I would love to taste a 1er Cru.

Here are my notes:
nose: light cherries, floral hints, almost like the potpurri at my Grandmothers house, a little bit of funky barnyard when I first opened the bottle.
palate: follows the nose, more complex though. light mouthfeel. some cherry with strawberry & some raspberry with some spicy mint too. more tannins than I expected. the finish was nice & faded away slowly.

I liked it a lot & would happily get another bottle.


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